Internet from NESSUS

In today’s digitized world, a company’s connectivity has long since become a decisive success factor. With a direct point-to-point connection to the fiber optic network operated by NESSUS, you are guaranteed synchronous bandwidths of up to 10 Gbit/s with the lowest latencies. Outages and overbookings are a thing of the past thanks to a maximum backbone utilization of 25%.

from 349,-

Our fiber optic network is growing!

Our 250km fiber optic network continues to grow every year. More than 30 business locations in Vienna already have access to our fiber network. This way we can provide you with our high-speed internet within just a few days.

Our fiber products are also available at short notice in over 2,500 other buildings. Of course, we guarantee all our customers the highest bandwidths and maximum availability at fair prices.

Guaranteed services

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Always monitored

The operation of our fiber optic network is monitored around the clock by our trained technicians.
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24h response team

If a disturbance does occur, our employees are on duty 24 hours a day – even on Sundays and public holidays.
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Fast response times

In the very rare event of a malfunction, we guarantee a response time of no more than one hour.
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Complete service

There are no unexpected service or maintenance costs for you. Our prices are “all inclusive” and transparent.
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Guaranteed Availability

We guarantee an availability of min. 99.9% per year, but usually reach 100%.

Technical details

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10 Gbit/s

With highest bandwidths of up to 10 Gbit/s, you can fully concentrate on the success of your business.
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Static IP addresses

Each fiber connection includes static IPv4 and IPv6 IP addresses for your business needs.
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Direct backbone connection

Due to the direct connection to our fiber backbone, you are assured fast connections in any situation.
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Lowest latencies

Lowest latencies (round trip times) to peering partners in Austria of less than 1ms.
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Our best network

Overbooked bandwidths are a thing of the past thanks to our fiber optic internet and to a maximum backbone utilization of 25%.

On-Net Locations (available connectivity)

Europlaza, 1120 Vienna

Over 230,000m² in 14 high-end office buildings - All buildings have physically built connectivity by Nessus.

Wienerberg Twintower, 1100 Vienna

The Twintower Wienerberg Campus - All floors on-net with Nessus.

Viertel Zwei
Viertel Zwei, 1020 Vienna

40,000m² of ultra-modern office space next to the Krieau trotting track - All buildings on-net with Nessus.

Rund Vier
Rund Vier 1020 Vienna
OC5, Wiedner Hauptstrasse 120-124, 1050 Vienna

State-of-the-art office center - Developed by Nessus.

Museumsquartier, 1070 Vienna

All offices in the Musemusquartier Vienna have full connectivity with Nessus.

DC Tower 1, 1220 Vienna

The most impressive skyscraper in Austria - 100% on-net with Nessus.

Techgate, 1220 Vienna

36,000m² Science and Technology Park - 100% physically built connectivity by us.

Saturn Tower
Saturn Tower, 1220 Vienna

57,000m² over 21. floors - fully on-net with Nessus.

Arestower, 1220 Vienna

Also on the Danube plateau in the 22nd district - 100% developed by Nessus.

Andromeda Tower
Andromeda Tower, 1220 Vienna

34,000m² distributed over 29 floors - On-net with Nessus.

Parkring 12
Parkring 12, 1010 Vienna

Directly on the Wiener Ring in the 1st district - fully on-net with Nessus.

Mariahilferstrasse 77-79
Mariahilferstrasse 77-79, 1060 Vienna

Right in the center of Mariahilferstrasse - 100% on-net with Nessus.

Mariahilferstrasse 121b, 1060 Vienna

In the immediate vicinity of the railway station Westbahnhof - on-net with Nessus.

Wiedner Hauptstrasse 15
Wiedner Hauptstrasse 15, 1040 Vienna

Elegant old architecture meets modern - on-net by Nessus.

Gumpendorfer Gürtel 8
Gumpendorfer Gürtel 8, 1060 Vienna

Office center directly opposite the subway station - fully on-net with Nessus.

Officecenter Skyline
Skyline, Heiligenstädter Str. 31, 1120 Vienna

15.000m² right next to the subway station in the 19th district - Fully on-net with Nessus.

Technologiezentrum Seestadt
Technologiezentrum Seestadt, 1220 Vienna

14,000m² of office space in Vienna's flagship project - 100% On-net by Nessus.

IP.ONE, 1100 Vienna

Our data center 1 is also located inside this building - High-Speed Internet guaranteed.

IP.TWO, 1160 Vienna

The counterpart to IP.ONE in the 10th district - also on-net with Nessus.

Columbus Center
Columbus Center, 1100 Vienna
Gasometer, 1030 Vienna

All offices in the beautiful gasometer are on-net with us.

MGC, Modecenterstrasse 14, 1030 Vienna

Directly on the southeast tangent of Vienna - Completely developed by Nessus.

Hasnerstrasse 123
Hasnerstrasse 123, 1160 Vienna

The famous art nouveau office center - completely on-net with Nessus.

Mischek Tower
Mischek Tower, 1220 Vienna

Austria's highest residential building, also on the Danube plateau - fully on-net with Nessus.

Concord Business Park Schwechat
Concord Business Park Schwechat

In the direct vicinity of the airport Vienna Schwechat - on-net with Nessus.

Inku Büropark Klosterneuburg
Inku Office Park, Klosterneuburg

In the middle of the industrial area of Klosterneuburg - on-net with Nessus.

Our offer

The following prices apply to buildings located directly on our fiber optic ring.


Minimum contract period is 24 months. The listed setup costs apply at a 24-month contract. At 36-month contract, we offer a free setup.

The following prices apply for our on-net locations (see building list above). Certain sites may require additional costs requested from the building owner.


Minimum contract period is 12 months. The listed setup costs apply at a 12-month contract. At 24-month contract, we offer a free setup.

What our product customers say

"In diagnostic medicine, very large amounts of data are generated in a very short time, which must be transported quickly for analysis. Nessus is our reliable partner for the connection of 7 well-known radiologies in Vienna with bandwidths of 1000 Mbit/s per location."
Benedikt Wurz - IT Manager
Products: Fiber site networking

Wiener Rotes Kreuz
"Nessus has been our partner for many years for the site networking of our headquarters and the field offices of the Wiener Rotes Kreuz with high bandwidths of up to 1000 Mbit/s. We appreciate the competent and direct support provided by Nessus coupled with the high availability of the Internet lines."
Rainer Tinhofer - CTO
Products: Fiber & Radio Relay Site Networking