The InterXion Vienna data center, where NESSUS has operated its own server cages since 2014, is certified to ISO 27001 and ISO 22301, as is standard in the industry. In terms of quality and security, it corresponds to the Nessus data centers, i.e. it is operated redundantly and, of course, maintained and secured around the clock.

Asset 308


All critical equipment in the InterXion Vienna data center is of course redundant
Asset 317

UPS 2N plant

Together with a diesel unit, this ensures unrestricted high availability in all situations.
Asset 354

Air conditioning

A redundant air conditioning system ensures the right temperatures and perfect conditions for your data in the InterXion Vienna data center.
Asset 290

Extinguishing system

Asset 348

Multiple transformers



InterXion Vienna is the main hub of Austria, the VIX, and offers not least therefore a unique connectivity for your business. More than 100 well-known carriers, ISPs and CDNs are represented on site. In addition, the InterXion Vienna data center provides direct access to the Internet exchange nodes SOX, peering.cz, AMS-ix and NetIX.

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